GLB Fire Protection

Dry pipe systems

Gicleurs à air

Dry pipe systems are the second largest sprinkler system used in the world. They are mostly used where there is freezing potential.


  • Effective in underground parking lots, refrigerators, non heated buildings;
  • The system is filled with air and when there is a pressure drop caused by the activation of a sprinkler head, the water enters the pipe system to put out the fire. Therefore, there is no water in the pipes until a sprinkler head is activated;
  • When a sprinkler head detects a fire, the arrival time of water to the farthest sprinkler head occurs most of the time within 60 seconds.

Required Considerations

  • More complex system that requires more maintenance than traditional water sprinklers;
  • More expensive than water sprinklers;
  • More risks of corrosion;
  • Less flexibility in design for this type of system.

Environmental Sustainability

Uses less fresh water than conventional firefighting systems (NFPA).