GLB Fire Protection

Why sprinkle?

You are from the manufacturing, institutional or commercial sector:

  • Your creditors require that insurance protect your organization’s assets;
  • Fire protection insurance premiums are important budgetary items;
  • You cannot risk production downtimes, which could cause loss of clients.

Your insurance premiums may be reduced by 30 to 50% if a building is sprinkled adequately, especially when fire hazards are high.

The whole building must be sprinkled, not only one section, to maximize premium reductions according to the code NFPA 13 (NFPA 13, article 4.1).


Example of North American insurance premium reductions

These are at your insurance provider’s discretion. Ask them for more information.

Example of insurance savings payback period at a 6% interest rate over 6 years
Insurable Value Savings on a yearly insurance premium at $0.50/$100 rate of evaluation A $250,000 automatic sprinkler system
$ 10,000,000 Saved annual premium = $50,000
  • Amortization over 6.2 years at a 5% interest rate;
  • Workout arrangement involving a yearly reimbursement of $49,788 with interests.