GLB Fire Protection

Impacts on insurance premiums

The potential impacts of delaying or omitting the inspection of your fire protection systems on your fire insurance premiums are at your insurance providers’ discretion.

Ask your insurance company about the benefits of an excellent inspection management of your fire protection systems.

Potential insurance premium increases for commercial/industrial sprinkled buildings
Inspection delay Premium increase
12 months Up to 5 % +
12-24 months Up to 20 % +
24-36 months Up to 60 % +
36 months Considered as not sprinkled

A sprinkled building doesn’t mean that it will automatically benefit from reduced insurance premiums.

To avoid premium increases, the owner must annually send inspection reports and certificates to the insurance company. To better serve you, we have set up a client portal where you can manage inspection reports and certificates from your smartphone, tablet and computer and give that access to your insurance provider.