GLB Fire Protection

Legal obligations

A fire protection system must be well maintained and verified annually to remain 100% operational and save lives.

The National Fire Code (NFC) and NBC stipulate :

  1. Proceed with required testing according to the referred code and standard provisions.
  2. Maintain a history of assessment reports (Extinguisher NFPA 10- A. 7.2.4 Extinction record keeping).

Insurance providers recommend the implementation of a fire protection equipment maintenance program that follows the NFPA’s provisions.

Examples of NFPA 25 standards establishing components to verify and the nature of their verification for sprinkler systems
item/component Activity Frequency Reference
Pressure gauges (wet pipe systems)






Pressure gauges (air, preaction, deluge systems) Weekly / Monthly,, 

Control valves Table 13.1
Waterflow alarm devices Quarterly 5.2.5
Hydraulic nameplate 5.2.6
Buildings Annually (prior to freezing weather)
Hanger/seismic bracing



Pipe and fittings 5.2.2
Sprinklers 5.2.1 
Spare sprinklers 
Fire department connections Quarterly Table 13.1
Valves (all types) Variable Table 13.1
Waterflow alarm devices/mechanical devices




Main drain valves Semi-Annually Table 13.1
Antifreeze solution Annually (fall) 5.3.4
Gauges Every five years 5.3.2
Sprinklers – Extra-high temperature
Sprinklers – Fast response At 20 years and every 10 years thereafter
Sprinklers – Dry At 10 years and every 10 years thereafter
Other sprinklers At 50 years and every 10 years thereafter
Valves (all types) Maintenance Annually Table 13.1
Obstructions   14.3